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Malibu Pedal “Ahi”

Malibu Pedal “Sunrise”









Malibu Pedal “Sea Glass”

Malibu Two “Envy”










Malibu 9.5 “Sea Glass” (Out of Stock)

Malibu 9.5 “Ahi” (Out of Stock)









Topwater Pedal Angler “Photic”

Topwater Pedal Angler “Boreal”









Caper Angler “Urban Camo”

Caper 11 “Sunrise”









Scrambler 11 “Yellow”

Scrambler 11 “Envy”









Scrambler 11 “Sunrise”

Tetra 10 “Surf”









Vapor 12XT “Black Cherry” (Out of Stock)

Vapor 12XT “Sunrise”









Banzai “Envy”
(Out of Stock)

Banzai “Surf”
The Kid’s Kayak









Venus 10 “Fuchsia”









We also carry Paddle Boards:

Nalu 11 “Envy”

Nalu 11 “Surf”









Nalu 12.5 “Surf”

Nalu 12.5 “Envy”








We also carry Kayak Racks for your dock, call (540)576-2678 for more information!